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The easy way to name faces in photos

WhoZatFace is a new web service that enables schools and colleges to crowdsource the tagging of faces in group photos - privately and securely.

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Engage Alumni

Alumni are often an institution's most loyal supporters and best ambassadors. With WhoZatFace, you have an innovative tool that enables you to connect with alumni in a unique way. Its value is that it is personally relevant to the alumni in that they are preserving their academic history, while contributing to the documentation of the history of their alma mater. 

Preserve History

Archival photos of alumni and groups provide a pictoral record of an organization's history. Unfortunately, it's difficult to preserve this history as it often exists only in people's memories. WhoZatFace leverages the collective memory banks of alumni, colleagues and staff to capture this precious information before it is lost forever!

How it works

How WhoZatFace Works

What sets us apart

The technology driving WhoZatFace is unmatched for delivering accurate high-volume face detection provided in a secure platform. 


Upon registering, you'll be provided with a private website. You control access to the site and moderate all activity within your face tagging projects. Privacy is further assured through our image management and face- tagging protocols, which are in accordance with data protection & privacy laws.


Protecting your confidential information is our priority. The core architecture of WhoZatFace includes multiple measures to reduce online risk, beginning with a secure login process and auto-logout feature. Strong encryption technology and firewalls ensure your data is protected from unauthorized access. 


WhoZatFace accurately finds and frames hundreds of unique faces in a single photo. Once framed, contributors are invited to confidentially identify themselves, plus anyone else they recognize.

No other web service available on the market offers this level of face detection capacity.

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